Project: Feature Film, Completed
WILLFUL BLINDNESS is a mesmerizing story of a gun shot victim as he crawls home, the story of a mother supporting her daughter and story of a daughter who has been a passive recipient of the fruits of evil. A nonlinear, circuitous story that borders stream of consciousness, WILLFUL BLINDNESS rakes the boundary where distant memory meets a familiar present, where the real meets the dream, and where the unconscious seems conscious. This non-verbal experimental art film is a bold and stunning visual interpretation, a kaleidoscopic roller coaster ride through the madness of the mores that consume our contemporary society. WILLFUL BLINDNESS questions our survival choices.

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An experimental art film, a visual experience set with original music/sound design
Director/Writer: James Higginson(American), (Emmy Award, 1987)
Composer: Roland Hackl(Austrian) (Oscar nominated short film, 2003)
Running Time: 90 mins
Original Format: Super 8 and HDV, Color and B&W
Screening Formats: HDCAM or DVD

Silver Prize-2012 BEST EDITING FEATURE- Vegas Indie Film Festival!
AWARD OF MERIT- 2012 Lucerne International Film Festival
Nomination-BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM- 2012 Reel Independent Film Extravaganza, Washington DC
OFFICIAL SELECTION- 2012 Bridge Independent Film Festival, Vancouver, BC