Workshop with James Higginson

Hollywood Films have influenced how photography is staged in the studio and on locations. Hollywood Styling and Art Direction has influenced photography from Fine Art to Commercial Photography in lighting, Art Direction and Set Decoration. We propose a combination workshop atmosphere. A series of discussions and practical sessions on Hollywood style studio lighting and Styling in Commercials/Film/Video(Art Direction and Set Decoration) will be combined with viewing Hollywood films with discussion to breakdown and analyze their design and Art Direction. Also, open shooting time will be scheduled for the participants to create their individual pictorial impressions of Berlin.

Berlin, is made up of a number of smaller uniquely flavored districts(neighborhoods) that collectively becomes the city. As a group, we will tour the Berlin districts on bike, metro, and foot after which the participants can choose what areas they want to investigate more closely. Five morning talks and discussions in the AVONBIEHL studio will motivate the participants to look at describing photographic realities with attention to color, design and lighting. Afternoons will be free to explore and shoot. Five evening events/meetings will be scheduled for viewing Films, motivation, critique and review of the photos that participants have shot.

Discussion Topics:
Hollywood Style Portrait Lighting(practical studio work)
Commercial and Film Art Direction/Set Decoration
Color Theory and Color Systems
Project Management for Photography/Film/Video Projects
Directing Models and Actors

Also Included:
Visit to Berlin Prop and Costume House
Visit to Museums and Galleries in Berlin

Social activities:
Welcome Spaghetti dinner mixer at the AVONBIEHL studio, Beach Bar sunset afternoon, Film evenings, Last night pizza party with beamer presentation of digital works, and optional last night visit to the famous Panorama Bar/Berghain Dance Club. Transport/Social Fee–includes 1 week metro pass, city map and information guide, bike tour, museum entrance fees, spaghetti dinner and pizza party

Workshop date: Spring 2013
Participants: 10–12


  • 1) Workshop Fee: 300 euro
  • 2) Transport/Social Fee: 125 euro
  • 3) Participants arrange their own lodging or we can suggest local Hotel: 25–30
  • 4) Air/flight cost

Lodging in Berlin:
Couch surfing is a possibility or
Hotel: cost will be dependent on how many are in a room(1-6 possible) and whether the room has shower or they use the very nice shower rooms at the end of the hall. The hotel I have in mind is very agreeable, clean, safe, on a quiet street, 3 blocks from AVONBIEHL and includes breakfast buffet. There are also 3 living room lounges, game room, WIFI, and conference room for meetings.

Registration / Anmeldung