Photography as emotion, photography is emotion!

A new world wide workshop on photography as a proper language that will  look at the connection between emotion and image, take you to amazing places to learn, explore, and discover a deeper understanding of your own photography with the support of international tutors/mentors and affliliates.

Set in various exotic locations around the world, beginning professional photographers will have the opportunity to create new work for their portfolios in quality working environments, explore new areas of expression and challenge their creative spirit.

We will help you see and feel the locations, help you connect your feelings with your camera to shoot the photographs that convey as much of the emotional atmosphere as possible.

Our first meeting point is in Apulia, the south eastern most tip of Italy.  A one week full immersion experience that will guarantee as you discover the culture and begin to feel the “atmosphere”, you will develop new skills that link portrait, landscape, and storytelling/reportage photography.

Join us for the unique 6 day full immersion workshop and discover ways to translate emotion into pictures.


PHOTO/EMOTION is a collaboration between studio AVONBIEHL, Berlin and PROPUGLIAPHOTO, Italy.