A fast paced, intense, hands on class with emphasis on Digital Photography. This workshop will teach the basics of photography using the 35 mm SLR camera. We will cover basic camera theory and operation. Students should have a basic knowledge of their camera operation and have read their camera manual at least four times!

Lectures will cover subject of Exposure, Aperture and Depth of Field, Exposure time and Movement, ISO, Bracketing, Composition Elements and Principles, Light and Shadow for Studio Portraits.

This workshop is perfect preparation for the serious minded student before entering a college program in photography or the student who wishes to improve their understanding and knowledge of photography and composition. This workshop is geared toward the beginning student of photography.

REQUIREMENTS: A 35 mm digital camera with manual capabilities and focus is required. You must be able to focus manually and adjust your objective. Bring camera (and instruction manual, if you have it). If you don’t have a manual, you can download it at the manufacturer’s website.

Workshop date: 8-9 September 2012
Participants: 10–12


  • 1) Workshop Fee: 200 euro
  • 2) Participants arrange their own lodging or we can suggest local Hotel: 25–30 euro/nite
  • 3) air/flight cost

Lodging in Berlin:
Couch surfing is a possibility or
Hotel: cost will be dependent on how many are in a room(1-6 possible) and whether the room has shower or they use the very nice shower rooms at the end of the hall. The hotel I have in mind is very agreeable, clean, safe, on a quiet street, 3 blocks from AVONBIEHL and includes breakfast buffet. There are also 3 living room lounges, game room, WIFI, and conference room for meetings. www.jugendhotel-berlin.de

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