The class will look at how reality is currently captured, described and presented in their work. Photographic reality will be dissected and analyzed through a series of lectures and discussions to lead the class to formulate a better understanding as how to re-present a reality in their person works. Discussions on photographic modes, context, and styles will make further distinctions between the real and fantastic, the real and the document and the role of staging in these respective photographic modes. A program of “experimental process” will be offered to stimulate a new creative approach to image capture.

By the end of the seminar, each class member will have created a focused individual project/series in photography or video on a topic of their choosing.

Questions to the seminar student:

  • Do you want to explore a different experimental approach to your work?
  • Do you want to create work outside your current comfort zone?
  • Do you want focused critique and positive inspiration to support a break through to a new creative level?


  • -Seminar dates: First meeting 13 April, 5 meetings- 4hours/meeting
  • -Registration required
  • -Portfolio review requested

This seminar is geared to the advanced photographic student or professional.


A digital or analogue camera and computer with appropriate support software programs.

600 Euro incl. 19% MwST.

Registration / Anmeldung