The AVB-LAB concentrates on developing audiovisual, processes-oriented projects in film, video, photography and new media.
The AVB-LAB provides an open laboratory context for creative professionals to collaborate on projects whose problems
promote and explore experimental ideas, approaches, and solutions in aesthetics, design, and communication.


Directed by James Higginson, the AVB-LAB projects creatively explore image-making possibilities that are contemporary in
nature and whose solutions will inspire current and future development in artists and designers.  Through the projects,
the AVB-LAB aspires to pose questions, promote solutions, and connect their audience to the human experience in our
interconnected expanding technological world.  The AVB-LAB places the audiovisual solution hierarchically above the
written solution as the primary and preferred form of expression and communication.

Through the workshop and seminar program at AVONBIEHL, knowledge and experience is transfer to the next generation of developing professionals.