Perspectives at Play in a Young Man’s Mind



March 27-May 10, 2015


James Higginson has used the staging of images in his artistic and photographic domain for many years. The focus of the exhibition, BEHOLD, curated from recent series, lies on the image of men with images of men.  A general formulated image of men that takes on different perceptual forms of “maleness”.  There are the individual men themselves, seen as individually male, there is the projected company of men as seen from different aspects, and there is the projected perspective from the artist, James Higginson. The projection of masculinity is open to interpretation and changes from series to series. The reflection of the sum of exhibition images serves to give a liberalization of the male gender a clear and artistic appearance. The resulting images, as with any work by Higginson, spring from his imagination but reflect interpretations of reality that include contemporary changes. For what is projected or considered “male”, is located on the transformational continuum to what is projected or considered “female”.