The Transmission Simulacrum:

“Quantum Teleportation”
What‘s a teleport? Scanning all of the atoms in an object, save them as data, and recreate this code with new atoms in another space. We‘re going to create an original sculpture in Finland, scan the sculpture with a 3D scanner, email the 3D information to Germany and print it out using a 3D printer. Simultaneously, the original piece in Finland will be destroyed. For both objects to exist in the same time negates the possibility of a single original artwork.

Is the final object still the same artwork? What values a piece of art? Is it the physical piece of work or is it the idea? Is the printed sculpture less valuable than the original? Though the new object is 100% equal to the first object, through the dematerialization/rematerialization process, has the soul of the artwork gone or been transformed?


Seela Jousi (Tampere, Finland)

Fabian Tombers (Berlin, Germany)

Irma Sophie Entenmann (Berlin, Germany)


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